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If Work Permits - The Format from Dog Problems

seriously, just listen to the whole thing once. it’s wonderful.

this is a bit of a rant so i apologize in advanced. 

there is this guy i worked with last summer (before any of you say anything, there is nothing and will never be anything romantic. this is actually about how dumb he is) and today when i went to check facebook i happened upon his status update.

now i am pretty used to hearing stupid shit from him on facebook but nothing that ever really got to me before. however, today was very different. his status was a sarcastic comment, something along the lines of ‘if you are anti-abortion you hate women #themoreyouLIBERAL.’ now, normally i would ignore him, understanding that he is a sexist idiot who doesnt listen to a word you say unless you are quoting the bible, but today i decided to see the comments. 

i kid you not, there was a GIRL commenting and claiming that the feminist movement only resulted in reverse sexism and that it had been a waste of time. that women shouldnt have these rights. that we shouldnt even have a president, we should be a nation ruled by god and god along…

**deep breath**

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? really?? really?? i just dont understand how people can think like this. how you can be a WOMAN and still not be for your OWN rights! and to top it off, there were a bunch of people agreeing with her! 

now i know these are all bible beating christians and that basics things such as, you know, women’s rights are not always preached in a church (granted i HAVE attended sermons where it has been) but honestly, how do you live your life, witness all the injustices against yourself, and still think that everything is fine?? 

i dont understand. i dont think i want to understand. people. are. idiots.


Weed Wednesday’s
just watched this episode. this part might have made me pee just a little bit. haha. :)
i dont think this kitten could look any more like my cat. soft gray fur. little ears. passed the fuck out… yup… sums my kitty up. :) haha.